11 Aralık 2007 Salı

FS2004 Wilco Cessna Caravan Deluxe (Reloaded!)

GENERAL FEATURES* Highly detailed Cessna Caravan 208B* GMax exterior/interior models* Photorealistic 2D panels* 3D Interactive Virtual Cockpit* Two versions : AIRLINE for passengers and FREIGHT for cargo* Detailed 3D Cabin* Multiple liveries : Fedex / Air Caribbean / DHL / Sansa / San Juan / Kato / private livery / Pacific Wings / Linear / Macair / ...* Frame-rate friendly with different aircraft variants : with or without cabin* Easy-to-use Paint Kit to create your own airlinesAIRCRAFT FEATURES* Realistic flight dynamics based on manufacturer specifications.* Realistic animations : hydraulic suspension, flaps, gear, passengers door, cargo hatches, gear bays,...* High resolution reflective textures, dynamic shine, night lighting,...PANEL FEATURES* King package avionics* Fully compatible with Go Flight modules and Track IR Deluxe Pack* This deluxe version includes a fully integrated version of the SimFlyer® Garmin® GNSv4.2 avionics package. This partnership between Feelthere, SimFlyer and Wilco Publishing provide a more realistic and enjoyable flight simulation experience. You can learn more about the SimFlyer Garmin GNSv4.2 at www.simflyer.net.Wilco Fleet : Caravan Deluxe Version is a quality product, available for anyone who wants a highly realistic visual and flight dynamics without the need of reading and learning hundreds of pages of manual.

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